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Get 'N The Know is a weekly interactive radio show by, for and about WOMEN -with topics ranging from health, education, fashion, beauty, civic and social issues, relationships and so much more! 

Join your host Saundra Harris live Saturday, from 1pm to 2pm est,  Call 917.889.2273 and share what you know, what you don't know, and what you want to know.

Media Contact: 443-517-7196 [email protected] 

We invite you to share your knowledge and insight with men, women and children who are eager to grow personally and professionally. We want and need you to inspire, educate, empower, encourage and support those who are seeking real answers from experienced leaders who want to help them reach their goals in business, family and life.

Radio Show

Our show talks about topics from how to be happy with yourself, managing family and career and how to have healthy relationships.  All the topics us women WANT, NEED AND DESIRE to talk about!

Advertising Opportunities

We showcase advertisers, supporters and causes that have a message for our men and women listeners.  We offer space on our site, in our promotional campaigns and in a variety of forums with our partners and affiliates.

Community Spotlight:
Gene Gadd Cancer Foundation

Almost every single American is affected by this insidious disease in one form or another. The GGCF is a national cancer foundation located in Washington D.C. The GGCF is dedicated in the fight against cancer in all it's forms. 

Our goal is:

To help raise funds for cancer awareness, research and support in as many ways as possible.                         

Our hope is:

To bring together as many talented and professional artists & musicians as possible in the fight for life.                                                   

Our mission is:

To encourage collaboration through strength and unity. 


The GGCF has also teamed up with " Rock it media group inc " to promote it's various artists and events through their digital media network.

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